The core of leadership is theability to have people follow you, so it has been a blessing and certainly myhonor to be the leader of this congregation. I want to thank everyone who has offered up prayer, words ofencouragement and tirelessly supported the mission and the vision of thischurch and this pastor.  But I am asSolomon was, I continue to ask God to give me wisdom so that I may be able togo in and out before his people.   Todayis not so much a statement about my ability but more so a statement about Gods’grace and the power of the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to bringpeople together to accomplish a goal.  Onceagain, Shirley, Ashton and I thank you for your support, your prayers and wehope and pray that we will continue to have a relationship of love and respectfor one another. 

Yours in Christ, 
PhillipR. Taylor
Sr.Pastor of the Second Evening Star
MissionaryBaptist Church

150 Cooper Road, Alexandria, LA  71303   (Just off Hwy28W)